About My Frugal Father

Based in Canada, "My Frugal Father" honours my own father's sensibility. His waste-not approach applied to most everything and I got a bit of that. I don't throw out what I think has value and have been a collector as long as I can remember - even before that according to my parents.  I have designed furniture, worked with stone, wood, made pottery, created art in fiber, painted with water colour, oils and acrylics, and participated in group art shows.  I love rescuing things, enjoy the thrill of the find and am inspired by the objects I discover. With an artistic aim, I tinker and transform some objects in ways not always obvious in order to retain value.

By reclaiming quality goods I seek to highlight the importance of buying goods already in the world instead of new products using new materials.  Our pieces are hand-picked at estate sales, auctions and markets all over the country.

My appreciations are eclectic. I'm drawn to handcrafted, one-off and small batch production. I am inspired by outsider art; Japanese aesthetics and the thinking of artists Theaster Gates, Doris Salcedo, Rachel Whiteread, Corneilia Parker, Aganetha DyckMeret Oppenheim and others.

 My clients rely on my skills and experience from a long career in interior design. I work with interior & set designers, landscape architects, photographers, event planners, art enthusiasts & design lovers. 

We regularly participate in Toronto markets and list upcoming ones under Events

Most objects are available for rent. 

Contact me for more details on how I can help you at studio(AT)myfrugalfather(DOT)com