Embrace Your Personal Style

As an interior designer I consulted with people who had purchased an unbuilt home and I met them to select finishes and customise their layouts.  Confronted with many extra choices, most people found the process daunting or overwhelming to some degree. One memorable client had enjoyed a recent trip to Paris and mentioned some fabric samples they had discovered there - I suggested they bring along to our initial consultation. By the end of several meetings they were surprised and delighted when I could point out that the colour finishes they selected for their new home aligned with those fabric samples that they absolutely loved.

Helping home buyers recognize what they liked and guiding them was a very satisfying experience.  By pointing out that we can be distracted by so many choices and constant bombardment of styled media images seemed to be useful guidance. This input is inspiring in its own way however, by just allowing ourselves to be guided by what we intuitively gravitate to, what “speaks” to our creative core, we craft and expand our own uniquely satisfying style throughout our lives.  

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