Why so many Vintage Blankets?

I participated in Come of to My Room 2014 at the Gladstone Hotel with an installation that incorporated discarded wool blankets. The core message addressed the paradox of wealth and value in our society where the environment and the economy are at odds. The resources needed to maintain wealth which fuels consumerism contrasts with the balance in the natural world.

 I recognize the value of the wool blankets and found them at 2nd hand stores, yard sales and auctions. The transformation in “Common Thread” from utility to art questions the value society puts on using discarded objects and their place in a system of wealth.

The properties of wool have fascinated me through my profession and creative endeavours. The room installation was filled with wool blankets, hanging, rolled, used as a video screen, chair covers, light diffuser and made into an untraditional button blanket. 

I continue to find blankets and since this installation have experimented with over dyeing and dip dyeing some of them.




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