My Grandparents Travels


My grandfather worked for Sun Life Insurance in Puerto Rico, Chile and Cuba. After retirement in 1963, my grandparents travelled extensively on limited means. They ordered a new VW Bug from the factory and had it delivered to the wharf in Amsterdam, where they debarked and spent a year driving through all the  countries of Europe.They rented a tiny furnished flat in Estoril for the winters. They spent the winter getting to know the surrounding area and the people of Portugal. Always choosing out of the mainstream flats, cooking their own meals, getting to really know the people they spent winters in  Madeira, the Canary Islands, traveling on freighters and going on road trips all over the United States and Canada in their trusty VW Bug.

My grandmother had an eye for the unusual and hand made. I found this Navajo bracelet at an auction. It reminds me of a ring I still have that my Granny purchased while travelling in western states. 

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